Best Hot Air Balloon Rides in Louisville, Kentucky

We have compiled a list of the best hot air balloon ride companies in Louisville, KY -- backed by data. Browse through the list and find the best match for you. If you know a company that should be on the list, let us know!

SkyCab Balloon Promotions
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4.9/5 (26 reviews)
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3/5 (2 reviews)

Hot Air Balloon Companies in Louisville, KY

SkyCab Balloon Promotions

SkyCab Balloon Promotions is a full service hot air balloon company out of Louisville, KY. The company got its start in 1996 when owner Scott McClinton was flying the Yellow Cab balloon. Today, SkyCab is one of the largest full service hot air balloon companies in the United States. SkyCab specializes in hot air balloon advertising programs and hot air balloon event management services.

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