Hot Air Balloons & Weather

The ideal time of day to fly a hot air balloon is during the early morning or late evening when the air temperatures are cooler.

Why Do Hot Air Balloons Have Sandbags?

Floating high above the ground, surrounded by nothing but blue sky, is an incredible feeling. But have you ever wondered what those big bags of sand are for?

Why Do Hot Air Balloons Float?

Up, up, and away, it's fantastic! Are you curious about why hot air balloons float? Ah! It's all thanks to the science of buoyancy and density!

Why Are Hot Air Balloon Rides So Expensive?

Surprisingly, the hot air balloon ride cost is relatively affordable, especially compared to other forms of aerial travel. The average cost of a hot air balloon ride is $200-$300 per person.

What Is Cluster Ballooning?

Getting a ride in a hot air balloon is a dream for many people. But what if you want to take it to the next level? Cluster ballooning is when you tie multiple balloons together to create a floating platform. It might sound dangerous, but it's quite safe!