How to get your license

In the United Kingdom, you must have a Balloon Pilot’s License (BPL) in order to pilot a balloon. The only way to obtain a BPL is by registering with the British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC).

Once you register with the BBAC, you must meet the following requirements:

As well as pass the 6 written examinations:

Once completed you will receive your license. You can see all of the requirements on the BBAC website.

How to maintain your license

Once you obtain your license, you must meet certain requirements to keep it. These requirements are:

In the UK the ‘Private Pilot’s Licence, Balloons and Airships’ is in two parts. Practical and theory.

A trainee pilot requires the following:

Four written examinations have to also be taken and passed with the 24 month window: