The Ultimate Guide to 15 Hot Air Balloon Festivals in America

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From the picturesque landscapes of New Mexico to the stunning coastlines of California, hot air balloon festivals offer a unique opportunity to watch the sky come to life with vibrant colors and breathtaking displays of unique balloons. 

Whether you're an avid enthusiast or someone looking for a unique experience, these festivals promise unforgettable experiences for everyone. 

So, pack your camera, grab your friends and family, and head to one of these top 15 hot air balloon festivals in the USA.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Dates: October 5-13, 2024

Location: 4401 Alameda Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Price: $15 per session for guests 13 and older. Children 12 years and under are FREE.

Topping off our list is the largest hot air balloon festival in the world. Every October, the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta takes place, drawing balloon enthusiasts from all around the world to watch the skies come alive with hot air balloons. 

This year, the event will take place from October 5th to the 13th in 2024 at 4401 Alameda Blvd. NE. Guests can experience the magic of this huge festival for just $15 per session for guests 13 and older. Children 12 years and under can enjoy the festivities for free.

Teton Valley Balloon Rally

Dates: July 4-7, 2024

Location: Driggs, Idaho

Price: $20/vehicle containing up to (6) people; Walk-in and bike-in admission is $5/person

The Teton Valley Balloon Rally takes place in gorgeous Driggs, Idaho from July 4th to the 7th, 2024. 

Offering a brilliant display of beautiful balloons floating against the Tetons, this rally is a must for balloon enthusiasts. Admission costs $20 per vehicle containing up to six people, with walk-in and bike-in options available at $5 per person.

Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift-Off

Dates: August 31-September 2, 2024

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Price: FREE

For an unforgettable Labor Day weekend experience, head to Colorado Springs, Colorado, from August 31st to September 2nd, 2024, for the Colorado Springs Labor Day Lift Off

This event features an extravagant display of hot air balloons ascending into the clear Colorado skies against the picturesque backdrop of Pike’s Peak. Best of all, admission is free, offering an affordable and memorble experience for all.

Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival

Dates: May 17-19, 2024

Location: Lake Skinner, California

Price: Friday: $60-$350; Saturday $85-$350; Sunday $85-$350

Combine the stunning visual display of hot air balloons with the pure sophistication of wine tasting at the Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival, running from May 17th to 19th, 2024, at Lake Skinner, California. 

This festival offers a stunning combination of balloon displays and wine sampling, with ticket prices varying from $60 to $350 on Friday and $85 to $350 on Saturday and Sunday.

Great Forest Park Balloon Glow & Balloon Race

Dates: September 20-21, 2024

Location: Emerson Central Field, Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

Price: FREE

Experience the magic of hot air balloons illuminating the night sky at the Great Forest Park Balloon Glow & Balloon Race in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 20th and 21st, 2024. This free event at Emerson Central Field in Forest Park features an enchanting glow followed by an exhilarating balloon race, creating unforgettable memories for attendees of all ages.

The Great Reno Balloon Race

Dates: September 6-8, 2024

Location: P.O. Box 12695 Reno, NV

Price: FREE

Head on over to Reno, Nevada, from September 6th to the 8th, 2024, for The Great Reno Balloon Race. As one of the largest free hot air balloon events in the world, this race promises a weekend filled with incredible views as colorful balloons fill the Nevada sky.

National Balloon Classic

Dates: July 26 - August 3, 2024

Location: 15335 Jewell St, Indianola, IA

Price: Tickets on Sale April 1, 2024

Looking for a week-long balloon fiesta? You’ll have to head over to the National Balloon Classic from July 26th to August 3rd, 2024, in Indianola, Iowa, at 15335 Jewell St. 

This classic event offers a large menu of festivities in addition to the stunning balloon displays and races, including live entertainment, tethered rides, and tasty food vendors. Tickets go on sale April 1, 2024.

Red Rock Balloon Rally

Dates: December 6-8, 2024

Location: Gallup, New Mexico

Price: FREE

In New Mexico? You won’t want to miss the Red Rock Balloon Rally from December 6th to the 8th, 2024, in Gallup, New Mexico. 

This rally offers breathtaking views as balloons float into the gorgeous New Mexico sky, soaring above the stunning backdrop of the red rocks. Best of all, admission to this event is completely free, making it perfect for any budget (or no budget at all).

Photo by Alpert WANG

Quechee Hot Air Balloon Craft and Music Festival

Dates: June 14-16 2024

Location: Quechee Green, Vermont 

Price: Ticket info coming soon

From June 14th to the 16th, 2024, experience the beauty of Vermont at the Quechee Hot Air Balloon Craft and Music Festival at Quechee Green. 

There isn’t much information on tickets yet, but attendees can look forward to a weekend filled with hot air balloon rides, live music, and craft vendors while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Vermont’s countryside.

Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic

Dates: May 25-26, 2024

Location: Decatur, Alabama

Price: FREE

Celebrate Memorial Day weekend at the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Classic in Decatur, Alabama, on May 25th and 26th, 2024. 

This free event offers a weekend of family-friendly fun celebrating the holiday, including live music, festival food, and beautiful hot air balloon displays.

Arizona Balloon Classic

Dates: TBD

Location: Phoenix, Arizona 

Price: $35. Active Military, Veterans, and Children 12 & under are always FREE.

Head on over to the Arizona Balloon Classic for a uniquely memorable experience set against the stunning backdrop of Phoenix, Arizona. While the dates for 2024 are yet to be determined, this event promises a weekend filled with excitement as colorful balloons paint the sky. 

Admission is an affordable $35 except for active military personnel, veterans, and children 12, who get in for free.

Great Balloon Glow

Dates: April 25-27, 2024

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

Price: FREE with your 2024 Pegasus Pin®

Mark your calendars for April 25th to the 27th, 2024, as Louisville, Kentucky, hosts the spectacular Great Balloon Glow. 

This enchanting event (which is free with the 2024 Pegasus Pin®) affords attendees the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of hot air balloons as they light up the night sky. Whether you're a local or a visitor, this event promises to be a highlight of the spring season in Kentucky.

New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning

Dates: Hiatus in 2024, returning 2025

Location: Solberg Airport, Reading, New Jersey

Price: Ticket info coming soon

The New Jersey Lottery Festival of Ballooning will return in 2025 (after a hiatus this year) to Solberg Airport in Reading, New Jersey, for another year of hot air balloon-related festivities. 

This festival promises a fun-filled weekend of hot air balloon launches, live entertainment, and family-friendly activities while you enjoy the beautiful New Jersey scenery.

Havasu Balloon Festival

Dates: January 9-12, 2025

Location: Lake Havasu State Park

Price: Ticket info coming soon

Kick off 2025 with gorgeous hot air balloons at the Havasu Balloon Festival, taking place from January 9th to the 12th, 2025, at Lake Havasu State Park. 

Witness beautiful hot air balloons take flight over the glistening waters of the picturesque Lake Havasu.

We’re still waiting on ticket information, but you won’t want to miss this popular Arizona event.

Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic

Dates: July, 2024

Location: Santa Rosa, California 

Price: Ticket info coming soon

Get ready this July for an enchanting summer celebration at the Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon Classic in Santa Rosa, California. 

Check back for ticket information as this event offers a weekend of excitement with hot air balloon rides, beautiful aerial displays, and family-friendly activities among the gorgeous landscapes of Sonoma County.

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If you’re looking for a unique, exciting, new adventure this year, check out any (or all!) of these hot air balloon festivals all over the country. With events during all seasons across the US at all different price points, there’s no good reason not to make it out to one of these beautiful hot air balloon festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest hot air balloon festival in the US?

The International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque, New Mexico is the biggest hot air balloon festival in the US.

Where is the best place to hot air balloon in the US?

Because of the large festival, Albuquerque is considered the best place to hot air balloon in the US.

What is the hot air balloon capital of the United States?

Albuquerque, New Mexico is considered the hot air balloon capital of the United States.

Why are hot air balloon rides so expensive?

Hot air balloons require a special pilot’s license to fly and use a lot of fuel, and the fuel cost can fluctuate, leading to higher and ever-changing hot air balloon ride prices. For more info, read our breakdown on why are hot air balloon rides so expensive