Michigan's Skyline Spectacles: 12 Unmissable Hot Air Balloon Festivals

Photo by Joe Dudeck


Michigan's beautiful scenery and lively culture come to life in a vibrant display of colors each year as the state hosts a myriad of hot-air balloon festivals. 

From the tranquil countryside to bustling cityscapes, these festivals allow folks from Michigan and beyond to witness the beauty of one of the world’s most unique forms of flight; the hot air balloon.

Whether you're an avid balloon enthusiast or looking for a unique event to enjoy with the family, these festivals promise an once in a lifetime experience.

Michigan Challenge Balloonfest (Howell Balloon Fest 2024) Southeast Michigan

When: June 28th-30th, 2024. 

Where: Howell High School, 1200 W Grand River Rd.

Mark your calendars for June 28th through 30th, 2024, as Howell High School hosts the 38th Annual Michigan Challenge Balloonfest. Located at 1200 W Grand River Rd, Howell, this festival promises three days of gorgeous balloon flights and fun activities for the whole family.

We’re sure you’ll enjoy the family entertainment, fireworks, and incredible balloon launches as much as we do!

Field of Flight in Battle Creek, MI - Air Show & Balloon Festival (Balloon Festival Battle Creek) Southwest Michigan

When: Field of Flight in Battle Creek, MI - Air Show & Balloon Festival is July 3rd-7th, 2024

Where: Battle Creek Executive Airport, 15551 S Airport Rd, Battle Creek, MI 49037

Get ready for a week of high-flying action from July 3rd-7th, 2024, at the Battle Creek Executive Airport. The Field of Flight Air Show & Balloon Festival offers a fun and festive experience with its air shows and brilliant balloon displays. 

While you’re there, enjoy the tasty local restaurants!

Wayland Balloon Fest - Grand Rapids | West Michigan

When: September 6-7, 2024

Where: Wayland Balloonfest is held at Calkins Field in Wayland. 3755 S Division, Wayland, MI

On September 6th and 7th, 2024, Calkins Field in Wayland transforms into a hotspot for balloon enthusiasts. Located at 3755 S Division, Wayland, MI, the Wayland Balloon Fest provides attendees a festive weekend full of hot air balloons and family-friendly activities.

Bring your lawn chairs and blankets to the fairgrounds and enjoy the show. Take advantage of the unique meet and greet with the pilot!

Photo by Aaron Burden

Hudsonville Balloon Days (Hudsonville Balloon Festival 2024) | Grand Rapids | West Michigan

When: Mid-June 2024

Where:  Unity Christian High School

Head to Unity Christian High School this June for the Hudsonville Balloon Days. This festival offers plenty of balloon flights, live entertainment, and tasty food, making it a great time for the whole family.

We love that this hot-air ballooning event is FREE, though a $10 donation will be charged for parking at Unity Christian High School.

Kalamazoo Balloon Fest 2024 | Southwest Michigan 

When: TBD August 2024

Where: Gull Meadow Farms

This August, Gull Meadow Farms in Kalamazoo welcomes visitors to witness a beautiful display of hot air balloon flights. Enjoy the huge festival of beautiful hot air balloons with your loved ones.

This will be one of Michigan’s LARGEST hot air balloon festivals, so you won’t want to miss this one!

Balloons Over Bay Harbor - Petoskey Hot Air Balloon Festival - Northern Michigan 

When: September 20th-21st, 2024

Where: Bay Harbor Village, 4000 Main St, Bay Harbor, MI 49770, USA

Soak up the beautiful scenery of Bay Harbor Village on September 20th and 21st, 2024, during Balloons Over Bay Harbor. Pilots from across the nation gather here to showcase their skills.

The weekend will be filled with flight activities and “night glow”, so don’t miss it and keep your eyes on the breathtaking view of the skies.

Metamora Country Days and Hot Air Balloon Festival - Southeast Michigan (North of Detroit)

When: TBD August 2024

Where: Metamora MI Hot Air Balloon Festival is held at 3758-3980 N Oak St, Metamora, MI 48455 (East of Flint and Grand Blanc, north of Detroit)

Join the festivities at the Metamora Country Days and Hot Air Balloon Festival this August. Located east of Flint and Grand Blanc, this event offers a lovely combination of small-town charm and exciting hot air balloon flights.

Take advantage of the fireworks displays every night of the festival!

Midland Balloon Festival During Midland Area River Days Festival - Mid Michigan

When: August 1-4, 2024

Where: Downtown Midland, near the Tridge - Mid Michigan

The skies of Downtown Midlandfrom fill with beautiful colors August 1st through the 5th, 2024, as it hosts the Midland Balloon Festival. You won’t want to miss the gorgeous sight of balloons floating over the Tridge during the Midland Area River Days Festival.

This is a great chance to see a beautiful hot air balloon festival showcasing Michigan’s beautiful natural scenery.

Jackson Hot Air Jubilee - Jackson Michigan - South Michigan

When: July 19, 20 & 21, 2024

Where: Ella Sharp Park, Jackson, Michigan

Ella Sharp Park in Jackson, Michigan, draws in visitors from all around the country July 19th to 21st, 2024, for the Jackson Hot Air Jubilee. Soak up the inspiring beauty of the festival this summer.

This is an spectacular (and FREE) event you won’t want to miss! 

Photo by Tina Witherspoon

Frankenmuth Hot Air Balloon Festival - Mid Michigan

When: May 24 – 27, 2024

Where are the balloons in Frankenmuth? Over Bavarian Inn and at River Place Shops, 925 S. Main St., Frankenmuth, Michigan

Witness the skies above Frankenmuth come alive with the Balloons Over Bavarian Inn festival this May. The festivities at River Place Shops allow visitors to view beautiful, colorful hot air balloons soar over this charming Bavarian-inspired town.

Watch out for the awe-inspiring balloon glow every night!

Balloons Over Bellaire at Shanty Creek - Northern Michigan

When: TBD August 2024

Where: Shanty Creek, 5780 Shanty Creek Rd, Bellaire, MI 49615

Bellaire’s own Shanty Creek Resort hosts Balloons Over Bellaire each August. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to view gorgeous sunset balloon launches against the picturesque backdrop of Northern Michigan.

Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking views of the sunset hot air balloon launches.

Carson City Frontier Days: Hot Air Balloon Flights

When: May 31st - June 2nd, 2024

Where: West Park (Fort Frontier)

Enjoy the event at West Park (Fort Frontier) in Carson City from May 31st - June 2nd, 2024, during the Carson City Frontier Days. Observe the incredible display of hot air balloon flights and the enchanting night balloon glow against the backdrop of this charming frontier town.

Watch this beautiful festival from anywhere in the park.


Michigan offers a uniquely beautiful and picturesque backdrop to some of the country’s largest and most beautiful hot air balloon festivals. As we look forward to the upcoming season of hot air balloon festivals, make sure to mark your calendars so that you don’t miss a single event. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Michigan Challenge Balloonfest?

Michigan Challenge Balloonfest is in Howell, MI.

How many balloons at Balloon Fiesta 2023?

There were 546 total registered hot air balloons at Balloon Fiesta in 2023.

Where is the largest balloon festival in the United States?

The biggest hot air balloon festival in the United States is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta held annually in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Where is there a hot air balloon festival?

There are hot air balloon festivals all over the state of Michigan, with some being held in Howell, Bay Harbor, West Park, Bellaire, and more.