How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

When looking to buy a hot air balloon, you will ask the question “How much does a balloon cost?”. You can expect new balloons to start at around $40,000, and used ones to start at around $10,000.

What goes into the price?

The envelope of the balloon makes up the vast majority of the cost, and for good reason. It’s the most important part of the balloon. That’s because the performance and advertising ability of the balloon depend on the envelope.

The second most costly and important part of the balloon is the basket. They are chosen based on the number of passengers they can hold and their weight. Commerical flyers care about the capacity of the basket, racers care about the weight.

You also have to buy all the necessary gear and equipment that goes into owning a balloon. This includes burners, straps, and a vehicle to transport the balloon.

Average cost

The cost of a new balloon will be around $40,000. This price will change based on the envelope, basket, and equipment you select.

Used balloon prices will decrease as the number of hours flown increases. When buying a used balloon, make sure that it comes with a current safety certificate. At around 300 hours the envelope starts to become porous and loses strength.

You can expect used balloons to start around $10,000.

Special shaped balloon prices will change drastically based on the specifications. The more unique and intricate the shape, the larger the price tag.

How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost?

How to buy a hot air balloon

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