How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon in Rust?

How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon in Rust

Do you play the video game Rust? Do you want to know how to fly a hot air balloon in Rust?

Learning how to fly a hot air balloon in Rust is not tricky, but it does take some trial and error.

Here's how to fly a hot air balloon in Rust and some tips to make your experience of flying a hot air balloon enjoyable.

What Is Rust, and How Is It Different from Other Video Games?

Rust is a multiplayer-only game that encourages teamwork and strategy. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players must scavenge for resources and build a shelter to survive.

The game is unique because it has no central authority figure or map. Instead, players must blindly trust one another and hope they don't encounter any "griefers" looking to cause trouble.

Rust differs from other games because it focuses on player interaction and emergent gameplay. This means the game is constantly changing and evolving based on the players' actions. As a result, Rust is a truly unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

Understanding Hot Air Balloons in Rust

Hot air balloons are found in open areas just like motorcycles and rowboats. Each has a 1500 health bar, which drops to over 180 minutes of gameplay.

But be careful because you only get five players inside at once (unless customized); decay times will vary depending on server settings. In the game, hot air balloons are one of the main methods of traversing the map, but everyone can't access them.

And they can be a bit confusing to new players. Let's look at everything you need to know about hot air balloons in Rust, from how to make them to how to use them.

How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon Rust

To be the best at playing hot air balloons, you need to understand their parts and how they work.

How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon Rust

1. Ignition Button: The Button Starts the Hot Air Balloon's Engine.

The ignition is the red button on top of your hot air balloon basket. You'll need to press it throughout the flight to avoid any accidents with the balloons. To start the engine, you must hold the "F" key while standing next to the basket.

2. Fuel Storage & Engine: The Balloon's Engine Is Powered by Gasoline Tanks.

The fuel storage and engine are in the back of the hot air balloon basket. To fill the fuel tank, you must right-click on a gasoline canister. The engine will automatically consume gasoline as you fly.

The engine has 500 low-grade fuel and can be found in your basket top. To open the container inside, you press the “E” button; the flame will show from afar when in use.

3. Flags & Windsock: The Hot Air Balloon Has a Flag and Windsock to Help You Navigate.

The flag and windsock are located at the front of the hot air balloon basket. The flag is used to signal your location to other players, and the windsock is used to help you identify the wind direction.

When you fly a hot air balloon, it is crucial to know the wind's direction. This can help with landing and navigating when on the ground as well. The flags are red (for North), white (west), or yellow-green (South).

4. Loot Containers:

The Loot container is on the hot air balloon basket's right side and holds up to 12 items. You must press the "E" key to open the loot container. 

In Rust, Who Has Access to Use Hot Air Balloon Command?

The Rust hot air balloon command is limited to admins and mods on vanilla servers for now, but non-admins will still be able to see them. As an admin, to access balloon, use these steps:

  • To spawn a hot air balloon, enter 'spawn hot air balloon' while ensuring you are away from walls and above ground level.
  • Always point the cursor where you intend to direct the hot air balloon.
  • Use the ent kill command for removing the hot air balloon.

Benefits of Using Hot Air Balloon in Rust

Hot air balloons are a great way to travel across the map quickly. They can also be used to escape dangerous situations or get a better view of the map. Plus, they offer a unique and exciting new way for players to get into the game.

It can be used as an emergency location device, providing help when you need it most. The update also adds more interactions with this item to your team or party. You might even use one instead of walking/running if there's no other option .

Admins will have access not only to advertise on Rust servers but transition seamlessly between them via these gorgeous floating platforms that always seem just ahead, beckoning us forward on our journey.

What Should Players Know About Flying a Hot Air Balloon in Rust for The First Time?

We recommend that first-time hot air balloon users check their balloons before flying them to ensure they are repaired, as the speed of their balloon will be very sluggish if they aren't. Still, they give you a significant advantage because of their heights and ability to spot enemies from afar.

What Should Players Know About Flying a Hot Air Balloon in Rust for The First Time

A moderator or administrator is the only one who can produce and control a hot air balloon. Other users can see them, but they cannot be controlled by anybody else. To pilot a hot air balloon, you must ensure it is in good health and that the ignition controls the balloon using wind speed and the flags to determine your direction.

Final Thoughts

You can travel quickly and efficiently across the map with a hot air balloon in Rust. The hot air balloon is a great way to get around, and it is also a great way to escape dangerous situations. They are a unique and exciting new way for players to get into the game.

Have you ever tried riding a hot air balloon? 

Now, let's look at how to prepare for a hot air balloon ride, how difficult it is to become a balloon pilot, and the time taken to become one!