Buy a Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons are not only flying pieces of artwork they are engineering marvels. Over the years they may not look much different but they are changing and improving all the time.

The material is stronger, the burners are safer, more powerful and more efficient and the baskets are stronger and safer. Technology has also been added, including GPS and great communications equipment.

Over the last few years the number of special shaped balloons that have been built has dramatically increased. Some are amazing!

If you are considering buying a Hot Air Balloon there are a number of considerations and options you need to work out:


What Size Balloon?

Balloons come in a huge range of sizes. Single Person Balloons where you basically sit on the gas bottle to 30 person Passenger balloons that have different compartments for passengers, pilot and gas bottles.


What Color, Design and Logo will you put on your Hot Air Balloon?

The majority of Hot Air Balloons have some sort of logo prominently displayed for all to see. The reason for this is they are great advertising mediums that bring positive branding for a company. Because of this Balloon companies and individuals approach potential sponsors to brand their balloons so that they can reduce purchase costs or even get the balloons for free.


Normal Shaped Balloon or Special Shape?

This often comes down to cost. A special shaped balloon can often cost 4, or more, times the cost of a normal shaped balloon.


Full Balloon Kit or just the envelope?

If you have equipment already then you may just want a new Balloon Envelope, otherwise you will be needing the whole kit which includes Basket, Burners, Gas Bottles, Avionics (radio, Sensors, GPS, etc) and Inflation Fan. You may also need to purchase a trailer.


Your Hot Air Balloon budget?

As you can see above Hot Air Balloons vary greatly – so do the prices. We have put together a page that discusses various options and approximations of their costs. Check out our Page How Much Does A Hot Air Balloon Cost.

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