Hot Air Ballooning Fun Facts

Hot Air Ballooning is one of the most popular adventures that an individual should try at least one in their lifetime. These hot air flights are also on many peoples “bucket lists”. It doesn’t matter the age of the individual as long as that person can abide by the rules and regulations for safety (basically they need to be able to stand unaided for around 1 hour). Other than that, hot air ballooning will definitely give you a birds eye view of the world that you may never have seen before. Hot Air Ballooning is the very definition of “Panoramic Viewing” and this article is written to give consumers some fun filled facts about this ever growing adventure.


First things first; what exactly is hot air ballooning? Basically speaking, it’s really just a big bag (envelope) that is filled with hot air. This envelope attaches to a basket in which passengers are being held. This basket is where specially designed gas burners are present and when the bag fills with hot air, it rises. Now that we have the basics down about hot air ballooning, here are some fun facts that you might not be aware of.

  • Did you know that Hot Air Balloons were invented way back in the 1700’s? The country that this event was initiated in was France.
  • Pilot Richard Branson goes down in the record books for experiencing the longest hot air ballooning flight. This unbelievably long distant flight started in Japan and touched somewhere in Northern Canada. this actual flight also holds the world record as the fastest hot air balloon flight as it raced across the sky at an incredible 245 miles per hour.
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico host’s the largest hot air balloon festival on earth. This event usually has around 750 hot air balloons present and it lasts for nine consecutive days.
  • Did you know that the very first passengers to ever take flight were animals? Yes! The lucky animals were a chicken, sheep, and duck. Since this was the actual first flight; humans decided to pass on being the first passengers and the flight lasted for about only eight minutes.
  • Vijaypat Singhania and his co-pilot recorded the highest hot air balloon flight at an unprecedented height of 68,986 feet. At this height the pilots had to wear oxygen masks to stay alive since the air/oxygen levels are very thin at those heights.
  • Hot Air Ballooning aren’t held in the rain because the very heat that is used to make the bag buoyant will actually turn the rain/water to boiling temperatures at the top of the balloon. If this happens, the balloon’s fabric would be damaged.
  • Every time there’s a hot air balloon landing, champagne is shared among the individuals who took part in the flight. This is because in the first few flight in France when a farmer saw a huge smoke billowing craft land in his paddock he had no idea what it was and would often attack the balloon with pitch forks. To stop this the pilot would offer champagne to the farmer.
  • While most people think that these flights are for romantic or adventure purposes; it’s said that hot air balloons were used as reconnaissance missions back during the Civil War.
  • Many people may not know this, but hot air ballooning has an actual chase crew. This crew follows the balloon’s flight from below in a vehicle.
  • Hot air balloons can be steered. They don’t just fly in a straight line. Check out how you can steer a balloon here.

There you have it! These are just some of the most interesting fun facts of this popular sport. Being so popular in today’s time, hot air ballooning and festivals are always being taken place at numerous locations around the globe so it shouldn’t be too hard find if you’re interested in taking on this fun filled experience.

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